Concrete Paving

Sunport General Aviation Apron Reconstruction

Photo of Sunport General Aviation Apron

Aerial View of Completed Project

Owner: City of Albuquerque Aviation Department
Engineer: Molzen-Corbin & Associates
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Contract Amount: $10,435,535
Completion Date: September 2012

This project involved upgrading the General Aviation apron by removing 119,000 square yards of existing asphalt and concrete apron pavement and replacing it with Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP). The PCCP thickness varied from 10.5” to 12” and was placed on 4” of asphalt with 20” of subgrade prep. The project also included replacement of all lighting and striping within the apron and installation of 270 aircraft tie down anchors with associated cables.

Additional work included rebuilding/altering ten existing storm drain drop inlets and manholes.  Two new gate valve controlled storm drain systems were installed to accommodate new fuel truck storage areas.

Significant coordination was necessary to accommodate traffic to and from the various tenants of the General Aviation apron.  Phasing was modified throughout the project that provided efficient access for the tenants while also providing more efficient work areas for the paving.

Unser Boulevard Improvements, Sage to Central

City of Albuquerque
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Contract Amount: $4,055,827.00

AUI contracted with the City of Albuquerque for the construction of this urban roadway project.  Primarily the original scope of work called for the modification of the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway.  However early on, the City realized a design reconfiguration was necessary to accommodate the Unser Crossing Development retail center.
The change included additional traffic lanes and intersection geometry on Unser Boulevard from Town Road to San Ygnacio and from Bridge Boulevard to Central Avenue.  This redesign and added scope accounted for an increase in contract amount and duration. The unique technical challenges presented by this project were the extensive use of vacuum excavation for exploration of subsurface conditions of proposed waterline path and for successful location and protection of existing utilities and the boring of a 24” by 80’ steel casing across Unser Boulevard at Central. AUI worked diligently to assure pedestrian and vehicular traffic concerns for congested highly developed downtown area were mitigated while coordinating with other projects and residents of surrounding community. AUI met the owner-approved contract completion date.

Camino De La Placita Phase II, TT91-119, BID NO. 02-03-10; MAP-6005(900)00 CN 9582

Town of Taos
Location:  Taos, NM
Contract Price:  $1,634,147.64

The jobsite was located on Camino de la Placita, which is a main thoroughfare bypass for the Plaza area and is a combination arterial/residential collector street. AUI’s contracted scope of work included reconstruction of Camino de la Placita to include new roadway (subgrade prep, base course, pavement fabric, asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, handicapped ramps, drive pads), installation of new water, sewer, and storm sewer lines, manholes, drainage structures, fencing, removal and replacement of CMU walls, signalization, and traffic control.
The biggest challenge AUI faced while constructing this project was impact planning in order to minimize the effect on tourist-based businesses.  The AUI project team worked closely with the Town of Taos project representatives and the owners of businesses affected by the construction activity to schedule roadway, curbside parking, and sidewalk impacts so that business access was maintained for local and tourist traffic.
By being reasonable, cooperative, and working well with the owner’s representatives, AUI met the Town of Taos’s expectations on this project. AUI responded to the project site restrictions and existing site conditions resulting in a project completed within the time expected by the owner.

Amador Avenue Improvements

City of Las Cruces
Location of Project:Las Cruces,NM
Contract Amount: $2,290,038.67

Amador Avenueis a main thoroughfare for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for businesses and residences, in addition to regularly scheduled train crossings. This four lane road was reduced to two lane traffic on many occasions for the paving and utility work being performed. A pedestrian refuge island was built to accommodate those trying to access the Community of Hope and area businesses. Sidewalks, drive pads and drop inlets were removed and replaced as necessary and rebuilt in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act compliance.

This Project scope involved the removal and replacement of over 13,000 SF of sidewalk, drive pads and valley gutters, approximately 2,000 LF of concrete curb and gutter, and over 22,000 SY of asphalt paving.  The rehabilitation of utilities included approximately 4,000 LF of high and low pressure gas lines and services in addition to 3,900 LF of new water line, valves and hydrants, and approximately 1,000 LF of SDR-35 sewer line, with 5 new manholes, and new inlet grates.

AUI worked closely with businesses and residents utilizing the city and our own door hangers to notify anyone that could be directly affected during this project. At times when traffic needed to be diverted away from the project site, the flow was sent through less inhabited residential areas so as to not create a heavy flow of traffic into more highly developed residential areas. The safety of both AUI employees and local residents was key, as traffic control measures were revisited regularly to assure that both vehicles and pedestrians were kept a safe distance from any area of construction in addition to the walking paths that were created for pedestrians while sidewalks were being replaced.

Angel Fire PID 2007- Roadway and Infrastructure Improvements

Angel Fire PID (Owner)
Location of Project: Angel Fire, NM
Contract Amount: $24,541,188.31

AUI’s work in Angel Fire, NM on the Angel Fire PID 2007 – Roadway and Infrastructure Improvements Project was a Design-Build Project. The overall scope of this design/build contract could be broken into two categories:  (1) Roadway improvements, and (2) utility infrastructure improvements.  Due to sub-phasing tied to project funding, this was a multi-year contract spanning from 2009 through anticipated completion in 2012.  Roadway construction (approx. 18.5 miles) included widening, grading, bank stabilization and surfacing in addition to trenching of approximately 291,000 LF for electrical and telephone lines. The site utilities scope of work included approximately 98,100LF of C-900 waterline (82,72LF of 8” and 15,380LF of 6” respectively) in addition to 2,700LF of 4” DI pipe. This project also included placing approximately 38,590LF of 8” SDR 35 PVC sanitary sewer pipe.  AUI was also contracted to include two water storage tanks; a booster station; gravity collection lines and service stub outs in addition to three lift stations.

In consideration of the project location, AUI completed this project in phases that correlated with seasonal changes to ensure a safe working environment and a quality end product.

I-40, San Mateo to Pennsylvania (Award Winning Project)

New Mexico Department of Transportation
Project Location: Bernalillo County, NM
Contract Total Value:  $21,653,150.00

This reconstruction project involved the widening and improvements of I-40 through Albuquerque.  The limits of the project, both eastbound and westbound, were I-40 from just east of the San Mateo Boulevard interchange to just west of the Boulevard interchange.  Accommodating interstate traffic was a challenge with weekday traffic flows that exceeded 155,000 vehicles per day through the construction zone.  A large flood channel exists between the eastbound and westbound lanes which eliminated the ability to shift traffic into oncoming lanes.

A large quantity of retaining walls and sound walls were constructed on the project.  AUI set up its own certified precast yard to supply the 83,000 SF of precast walls.  The walls required drilled shafts for foundations and pilasters to support and connect the walls.   Over 8,200 VF of drilling was required for the 120 drilled shafts, 48” in diameter and 22’ deep.  Precast pilasters were bolted on each of the drilled shafts for sound walls to support the wall panels above the surface.  Over 500 wall panels were placed, typically in 10’ sections.

Retaining walls were built for support of the properties involved.  The foundations for the retaining walls consisted of 36”drilled caissons with a 14” x 89# steel H-pile placed (not driven) inside to enhance the integrity of the wall support system.   AUI installed approximately 30,000 SF of sheet piling to facilitate this work.

The paving operations consisted of 3600 SY or 1350 CY of Portland-Cement Concrete Pavement and 137,500 SY or 68,000 tons of plant mix bituminous pavement.  Over 18,500 LF of 42” cast-in-place concrete barrier wall was constructed.  Drainage improvements were included in the project consisting of 5,200 LF of 24”and 36” storm drainage pipe, and 35 drop-inlet structures.

2009 Spruce Street Arra Improvements

PROJECT NO. SST-4331(200), CNG2S7541, ECO-4331(1)
City of Deming
Location of Project: Deming, NM
Contract Amount: $ 2,099,198.03

AUI was contracted by the City of Deming for the removal the existing concrete roadway that had originally been placed around the 1930 – 1940 timeframe.  The scope involved replacing this concrete roadway with approximately 33,000SY of SPIII and SPIV. AUI also placed new curb and gutter, poured new driveways and sidewalks and ensured that Spruce Street is now ADA compliant by installing new detectable warning surfaces at appropriate intersections. AUI worked closely with the City of Deming and kept residents and business owners updated to ensure that business access and residential traffic flow was minimally interrupted

One of the challenges that AUI faced on this project dealt with were the City of Deming mandated work zones.  AUI was limited to two block sections on either side of Gold Street which created some difficulty in maintaining a consistent flow of work and efficient utilization of our crews. Another challenge involved the unusual rainfall amounts which interfered with our schedule and production, even so, the positive relationship between AUI and the City of Deming allowed for adjustments to be made in an effort to assure quality of work and materials.  AUI felt that the project was a success on many levels as our relationship with the City of Deming, its residents stayed positive throughout this project. AUI has received many compliments from the residents in regards to having nice sidewalks and smooth roadway surface, the City has also been very complimentary in referencing our Management team and crews.

Project News

AUI Breaks Ground on Largest Project in Company History

Rio Bravo Groundbreaking

July 31, 2017–

The NMDOT held a groundbreaking ceremony for the I-25/Rio Bravo Interchange Project today, and construction is scheduled to begin on August 8th.

The $50M project is the largest in AUI’s 36-year history.
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Employee News

Deluca Presented with Albuquerque Good Samaritan Award

Photo of Mayor Richard Berry presenting Good Samaritan Award to Anthony Deluca.

September 1, 2017–

Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Anthony Deluca as this week’s Good Samaritan for helping a man who was blind cross a busy intersection. Deluca is an employee of AUI, Inc., a contractor for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project. Read more…