Drilled Piers

Exit 102 Acomita I-40 Interchange at MP 102.000

New Mexico Department of Transportation (Owner)
Contract Amount: $3,851,057 (AUI Subcontracted portion)

This project is one of the first bridge/interchange projects that utilized roundabouts at the on and off ramps.  The newly constructed bridge over I-40 was built approximately 1000’ west of the existing interchange.  The two-span, 200’ long twin bridges contained many aesthetic features from custom formliners to custom-stained concrete.  Traffic was never interrupted during the construction of the new bridge or during the widening of the existing bridges.   This was a very challenging portion of the project as the existing interchange bridges had to be partially demolished and widened without disrupting traffic on either I-40 or Old NM 124 running underneath the bridge.  AUI devised a method utilizing steel beams and heavy duty shoring to accommodate this unique challenge.  AUI was a subcontractor to Kirkland Construction who was responsible for the paving and earthwork on the project.  AUI constructed all of the concrete flat work on the project along with all concrete structures on the project including but not limited to curb and gutter, sidewalk, drop inlets, PCCP, colored/ patterned median paving, bridges, concrete box culverts and concrete slope blankets.

A major challenge on the project was the location.  The Acomita area is well known for its harsh winters.  The majority of this project was constructed during the winter months.  AUI fought through numerous snow storms and many days where the wind chill factor brought temperatures down into the single digits; however, the project progressed and was never suspended due to weather.  AUI made provisions to accommodate cold weather concrete to the satisfaction of the NMDOT.  This project was been a great success and a fine example of collaboration between the contractors, the NMDOT and the Pueblo of Acoma.

I-10 Hidalgo, Luna And Dona Ana County: CN 1100021

New Mexico Department of Transportation
Project Location: I-10 MP 22.550 to MP 146.680
Contract Total Value:  $117,386.00 (AUI Subcontracted portion)

AUI was subcontracted under two different subcontractors for this project. AUI worked as a 2nd tier subcontractor for San Bar Construction to complete 5 drilled piers for the “ITS” camera poles along I-10,  48” in diameter and ranging in depth of 12’ to 14’. Subsequently, AUI was a 3rd tier subcontractor to McDade Woodcock, Inc, for the construction of 9 drilled shafts to be utilized for Overhead signage along I-10, 54” in diameter and ranging in depths of 14’ to 22’’ deep.

As in previous projects requiring this scope of work, AUI used a “Lo-Drill” mounted on a 330 Hitachi Excavator to excavate the drilled shafts and placed Sonotube to maintain the shaft shape above existing grade. Rebar was placed inside of the drilled shaft and was supported by the Excavator. Type G concrete was placed in the drilled shaft using drop chutes until it was 4’ from the top of the shaft.  A pattern jig was placed on top of a form and the anchor bolts and nuts were placed using the line and grade provided by the surveyor. Once this was complete, the placement of Type G concrete continued up to the top of the form.  AUI has a history of projects involving this type of work, both as a prime and as a subcontractor, in addition to a crew that is well versed in the installation of drilled shafts.

I-10, Las Cruces to Texas State Line

New Mexico Department of Transportation (Owner)
Location of Project: Dona Ana County, NM
Contract Amount: $5,092,543.51 (AUI Subcontracted portion)

AUI was subcontracted by Mountain States Constructors, Inc. to assist in the new construction and rehabilitation of I-10 from Las Cruces to the Texas state line. The overall project scope involved the lane expansion of I-10 northbound and southbound lanes from two to four lanes. AUI’s portion of this project included the construction of a 4,800LF permanent concrete wall barrier, a new Gateway Sign for visitors entering the state of New Mexico, and construction of a 42,000SF precast concrete sound wall held in place by drilled piers. Scheduling conflicts were kept to a minimum as the project progressed smoothly with AUI placing over 13,000LF of culvert pipe extensions in addition to approximately 20 drop inlets of various sizes, to provide the necessary drainage for the lane expansion of I-10. The installation of culvert pipe and box culvert extensions; cleaning and or filling existing culvert pipe and box culverts; in addition to preparing the area for Mountain States paving portion by backfill and compaction over these installations, had to be done in an efficient and timely manner to assure that all contractors and subcontractors involved could stay on schedule.
AUI’s success on this project was dependent upon positive working relationships with both NMDOT and the prime contractor, Mountain States Constructors, Inc. The quality of the final project was enhanced by AUI’s commitment to the safety of their employees as there were no lost time accidents on the project and in large part to the dedication of our employees who take great pride in their work. Every effort was made to work together on this project and share resources when necessary; while efficient productivity allowed the project to stay on schedule and on budget.

I-40, San Mateo to Pennsylvania (Award Winning Project)

New Mexico Department of Transportation
Project Location: Bernalillo County, NM
Contract Total Value:  $21,653,150.00

This reconstruction project involved the widening and improvements of I-40 through Albuquerque.  The limits of the project, both eastbound and westbound, were I-40 from just east of the San Mateo Boulevard interchange to just west of the Boulevard interchange.  Accommodating interstate traffic was a challenge with weekday traffic flows that exceeded 155,000 vehicles per day through the construction zone.  A large flood channel exists between the eastbound and westbound lanes which eliminated the ability to shift traffic into oncoming lanes.

A large quantity of retaining walls and sound walls were constructed on the project.  AUI set up its own certified precast yard to supply the 83,000 SF of precast walls.  The walls required drilled shafts for foundations and pilasters to support and connect the walls.   Over 8,200 VF of drilling was required for the 120 drilled shafts, 48” in diameter and 22’ deep.  Precast pilasters were bolted on each of the drilled shafts for sound walls to support the wall panels above the surface.  Over 500 wall panels were placed, typically in 10’ sections.

Retaining walls were built for support of the properties involved.  The foundations for the retaining walls consisted of 36”drilled caissons with a 14” x 89# steel H-pile placed (not driven) inside to enhance the integrity of the wall support system.   AUI installed approximately 30,000 SF of sheet piling to facilitate this work.

The paving operations consisted of 3600 SY or 1350 CY of Portland-Cement Concrete Pavement and 137,500 SY or 68,000 tons of plant mix bituminous pavement.  Over 18,500 LF of 42” cast-in-place concrete barrier wall was constructed.  Drainage improvements were included in the project consisting of 5,200 LF of 24”and 36” storm drainage pipe, and 35 drop-inlet structures.

Project News

AUI Breaks Ground on Largest Project in Company History

Rio Bravo Groundbreaking

July 31, 2017–

The NMDOT held a groundbreaking ceremony for the I-25/Rio Bravo Interchange Project today, and construction is scheduled to begin on August 8th.

The $50M project is the largest in AUI’s 36-year history.
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Employee News

Deluca Presented with Albuquerque Good Samaritan Award

Photo of Mayor Richard Berry presenting Good Samaritan Award to Anthony Deluca.

September 1, 2017–

Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Anthony Deluca as this week’s Good Samaritan for helping a man who was blind cross a busy intersection. Deluca is an employee of AUI, Inc., a contractor for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project. Read more…