Treatment Facilities

Spaceport America – SP-004 Waste Site Utilities & Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: New Mexico Spaceport Authority
Engineer: AECOM
Prime Contractor: Gerald Martin Construction
Location of Project: Upham, NM
Contract Amount: $2,170,176.00

Spaceport America

Spaceport America

AUI worked diligently with Gerald Martin Management to maintain open communication and flexibility, as this project was one of many in the infant stages of Spaceport America. The prioritized implementation of security and safety measures on this high profile project, in addition to the environmental requirements and focus on cultural sensitivity, made it necessary to regularly coordinate with our material suppliers, subcontractors and employees to assure proper training and awareness in these areas prior to them being allowed access to the site.
This new site utility, wastewater treatment plant and collection system project included installation of five septic tanks to include one 50,000 gallon septic/ equalization tank, 20,000 gallon dosing tank, 30,000 gallon anoxic/recirculation tank and filters, and six miles of leach line, in addition to a 50,000 gallon holding tank and lift station, fiberglass valve vaults, fiberglass storage building, and telemetry control panel. AUI’s work also involved the installation of approximately three miles of 8” SDR-35 PVC Sewer collection piping which included all necessary fittings, valves, and appurtenances, 47 manholes, 1.5 miles of base course roadway and re-seeding. In addition, AUI worked to coordinate and schedule with other prime contractors on-site to make sure that we stayed on schedule while not interfering with other work outside of our own, as several different project phases were ongoing nearby. The contract was placed on temporary project suspension through August 2011 while waiting for permanent power to be installed, by others under separate contract. Throughout this year long wait, at the request of the owner, AUI continued to monitor and maintain the waste water treatment plant, to assure a successful start-up of the lift station when permanent power finally became available.

Taos Valley Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

MBR Upgrade
Owner: Town of Taos
Engineer: Souder Miller & Associates
Location of Project: Taos, NM
Contract Amount: $5,945,485

This project involved civil mechanical, electrical and structural components to convert and expand the existing City of Taos water reclamation facility to a 2.4 MGD membrane bioreactor facility. Over 20 subcontractors were involved with this project with multiple material suppliers. Scheduling and pre-planning was a must to assure continuity was maintained throughout the project. Although several modifications to scope were made by the Owner and Engineer during project construction, coordination and communication with the Town of Taos and the Engineer remained positive, with the common goal of completing a high quality project safely, and within the agreed upon time and budget changes. AUI’s contracted scope included upgrades to the screening system in addition to cleaning and retrofitting existing oxidation ditches and construction of a new building to house the membrane system. This new building included a blower room, electrical room, lab, and ADA compliant restrooms.  AUI provided the cast in place concrete for the flooring in addition to a precast slab. Also included was the installation of solar panels to the roof of the facility and a 5-ton electric crane and hoist system. Other work involved grading and paving, installation and tie-ins of various waterlines, drainage lines, non-potable water lines, process lines, valves and hydrants. Additional work incorporated the installation of recycle flow pumps, self priming centrifugal pumps, harmonic filter system, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System,  a standby diesel electric generator with automatic transfer switch, and turbo blowers with Modbus TCP to Ethernet/ IP gateway.  AUI was very proud of the relationship building that occurred from what was a challenging project for all of the stakeholders involved.

Farmington Lift Station Improvements

Wet well with valve vault

Wet well with valve vault

Owner: City of Farmington
Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc.
Location of Project: Farmington, NM
Final Contract Amounts / Completion Dates
Lift Station No. 2:
$1,385,518 / September 2015
Lift Station Nos. 3, 5, and 22:
$1,099,740 / November 2015

These projects provided improvements to existing lift stations with the complete rehabilitation of existing wet wells and valve vaults including new piping, pumps, process controls, and structural concrete. During construction, each lift station was taken off-line and sewage was by-passed for approximately three months.

Motor Control Center with conduit to wet well

Motor Control Center with conduit to wet well


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The $50M project is the largest in AUI’s 36-year history.
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Employee News

Deluca Presented with Albuquerque Good Samaritan Award

Photo of Mayor Richard Berry presenting Good Samaritan Award to Anthony Deluca.

September 1, 2017–

Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Anthony Deluca as this week’s Good Samaritan for helping a man who was blind cross a busy intersection. Deluca is an employee of AUI, Inc., a contractor for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project. Read more…