Water Lines

Effluent Reuse Pipeline Improvements Contract 2

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
Project Location Albuquerque, NM
Contract Amount: $7,029,510.19

The Effluent Reuse Pipeline Improvements project included the installation of 27,500 LF of large (30” to 16”) and 28,200 LF of small (12” to 4”) diameter pipeline with appurtenances in southeast Albuquerque from University Boulevard by the Albuquerque Sunport Aviation Facility north towards the University of New Mexico sports facilities on University Boulevard and also east up to Louisiana Boulevard.  The pipeline threaded its way through arterial and residential roadways towards public parks, golf courses and other sports facilities to provide stub outs which will eventually be connected to the existing irrigation systems in order to replace the potable water supply currently being utilized.  Roadway surfaces and structures were removed and replaced in-kind.

Working through the middle of congested arterial corridors and established residential neighborhoods, AUI was met with a complicated maze of underground public utility lines.  Exhaustive efforts were made to pre-locate and expose the numerous gas lines, sanitary sewer and storm drain lines, water mains and services, communication lines, street lighting and traffic signal lines the length of the project.  AUI’s vacuum excavators were used to pothole and explore without damaging the facility.

In an effort to minimize the duration of disturbance through residential areas, AUI worked extended hours, seven days a week.  Extensive planning and coordination was required to keep the fast paced project moving smoothly without obstructing or restricting access of the public.

UNM Domestic Water Phase 5

The University of New Mexico (Owner)
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Final Contract Amount: $1,162,520.55

The scope of work for this project included installation of 3,370 LF of 10” water line through the most central and heavily utilized sections of the University of New Mexico (UNM) main campus. The path of the water line crossed existing pedestrian walkways, mature landscaping and existing irrigation lines. This project was scheduled for construction during the summer break months to allow enough time for completion of the project while the student and faculty population would be at a minimum. Offering a large selection of classes during the summer break and many students take advantage of the fast-track summer semester classes to gain additional credit hours; presented some challenges during the construction of this project.

This project also included a portion of the water line installed within the utility tunnel. Installation within the tunnel required AUI crews to work in severely constricted space, with limited access, and in close proximity to live utility lines within the tunnel. AUI crews completed this portion of the project successfully.

This project serves as a clear demonstration of AUI’s ability to remove and replace waterline on a University campus setting, within constricted spaces, to manage utility replacements and new installations within complex existing utility systems, and to care for existing utilities during all phases of construction. AUI completed this project well within the contract amount and calendar days allotted by the Owner.

V. Sue Cleveland High School Waterline Improvements, Phase I

Jaynes Corporation (Prime Contractor)
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Contract Amount: $2,741,238.00

AUI negotiated with Jaynes Corporation, the prime contractor, under a gross maximum price contract for the V. Sue Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho.  AUI’s scope included sewer, water and storm drainage installation. The water services portion included installation of 1217 LF of 2” – 3” PVC waterline, nine 3” meter boxes and two 4″ meter pits w/valves.  The sanitary sewer portion of this contract consisted of installation of 5178 LF of 8” SDR 35 and 777 LF of 6” SDR 35 PVC sewer main.  Additionally, a total of 22 each 4′ diameter sanitary sewer manholes ranging in depth from 4′ to 12′ and 27 each storm drain manholes varying in size from 4′ to 8′ diameter and ranging in depth from 4’ to 16’ were installed. Storm drain installation included approximately 7,200LF of 18” to 60” storm drain pipe. AUI was also responsible for the install of approximately 10,439LF of 4”, 6”, and 8” DR-18 C900 PVC waterline. Being new construction, the coordination efforts consisted primarily of inspection and acceptance meetings with the City of Rio Rancho and Southern Sandoval County Flood Control Authority (SSCFCA) who would take eventual ownership of the systems and coordination with the other building trades who would connect to the new lines.

Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Water and Sewer Infrastructure Phases III & IV

Army Corps of Engineers (Owner)
Location of Project: Fort Bliss, Texas
Contract Amount: $7,171,179.00

AUI was asked to perform this scope of work under an accelerated schedule which was accomplished utilizing a 7 day work week with a consistently scheduled transition of crews and equipment. This allowed for maintaining effective daily production and adherence to the schedule despite unforeseen changes in conditions. AUI’s contracted scope of work included the installation of approximately 17,940LF of C-900 PVC water line of various sizes ranging from 4” to 24”, including meters and valve vaults. Also involved in this project was the installation of approximately 9,225LF of SDR-35 PVC sanitary sewer pipe of various sizes ranging from 6″ to 12” and installation of approximately twenty-nine 48″ precast manholes including all necessary appurtenances and coatings. Additional work included removal and disposal of approximately 5,400LF of asbestos contaminated pipe ranging from 4“ to 12”. AUI was also involved in the demolition, removal and replacement of the existing ground and elevated water storage tanks. This work included, but was not limited to SCADA, yard piping, special coatings and cathodic protection.

AUI’s on-going presence at Fort Bliss has enabled us to become familiar with the base required processes and procedures for participation in construction activities on a military installation from safety regulations, permits and badging, to protocols that are to be followed with the Director of Information Managements (DUIM) and other base entities possibly affected by our scope of work.

Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Water and Sewer Infrastructure Phases I & II

Army Corps of Engineers (Owner)
Location of Project: Fort Bliss, Texas
Contract Amount: $8,511,909.95

AUI built and maintained a solid relationship with Brown and Caldwell, Fort Bliss Water Services, Co. and the Army Corps. of Engineers throughout the CAB Phase I and II Project which in turn lead to the completion of Phase I ahead of schedule and the start of Phase II earlier than anticipated. AUI was contracted for the demolition and replacement of existing water and sanitary sewer. This water and sewer infrastructure project included construction of approximately 23,887LF of 8”, 12” and 15” respectively of SDR-35 PVC sanitary sewer  pipe in addition to 33,903 LF of C-900 PVC pipe waterline varying in sizes from 6” to 12”, which included all necessary fittings, valves, and appurtenances. Contracted work also involved the installation of approximately eighty-five 48” precast manholes with required appurtenances and coatings, and twenty-eight fire hydrants. During the installation and tie-ins of new services, AUI installed temporary connections as necessary to maintain services, ensuring limited interruptions for the Fort Bliss area.

AUI was presented with a safety award from the Corps of Engineers while working this project, exemplifying our dedication to the safety of our employees.

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Employee News

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